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Getting the first job when you complete you course is important, but equally important is to ensure that you get the best possible job that matches your profile, interests, skill sets and career aspirations. Our ‘Knowledge MentoringTM’ methodology helps you enhance your ‘Employability Koutient’. Kuotient utilizes the power of social learning to help you identify domains and roles of interest and then enhance your employability chances by getting guided & mentored by senior industry leaders & seasoned subject matter experts. Gain critical practical knowledge and skills about industries and roles that interest you, thereby enhancing you employability chances. Kuotient works with Organizations to help connect you with relevant job and project opportunities as well. Join our community to make a difference to your employability profile.

As a young professional, you need to continuously acquire knowledge & skills to ensure that you have a fast paced career curve. The best form of knowledge is “real world knowledge’ that resides in the minds of the Senior Industry Leaders and Subject Matter Experts. Our ‘Knowledge MentoringTM’ methodology helps you enhance your ‘Career Kuotient’ by connecting you with hundreds of senior leaders on our forum who are willing to guide and mentor you through innovative online and offline methodologies. Identify domains and areas of interest and then enhance your career kuotient by getting guided & mentored by senior industry leaders & seasoned subject matter experts from those domains. Acquire new skills and expertise at the comfort of your desk. Upskill yourself to the next level role.

Knowledge Sharing is one of the most powerful value creators available, not only for those receiving it but equally for those sharing it. As a successful professional, you have a repository of knowledge and skills that have been derived through a mix of education, experience and exposure. Those in your team and close circles are already benefitting from their interactions with you. It’s now time to exponentially widen this circle of followers and influence Kuotient’s learning community comprising of students and young professionals. Share your knowledge and expertise to make a difference to people and society. Nurture leaders of tomorrow by giving them access to your knowledge, expertise and real world experiences. Help them evolve to newer heights. Inspire them by guiding them through online and offline initiatives. Kuotient’s Knowledge MentoringTM’ methodology ensures that you are able to do all these at times, methodologies and frequencies of your choice. Hundreds of Senior Leaders are already part of our Knowledge Mentoring Initiatives. Come join this transformational movement.

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